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Sirius HG2-KR2-SP2 Politie blauw

Sirius HG2-KR2-SP2 Politie blauw
Sirius HG2-KR2-SP2 Politie blauwSirius HG2-KR2-SP2 Politie blauwSirius HG2-KR2-SP2 Politie blauwSirius HG2-KR2-SP2 Politie blauw

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The stab-and bulletproof vest Overt Standard Belgian Police HG2-KR2-SP2 was developed to meet the requirements of the Belgian Federal Police. This vest thus has many useful properties that were prepared for use at the local and federal police. The jacket is suitable as overt vest and to wear above the clothes and offers protection to the front and rear and on the sides. Furthermore, this product;
• A lining in 3D (three-dimentional) tissue which makes for ventilation.
• A lumbar cushion
• An elastic in the left front to the right front of the place when closing.
• An evacuation trade
• Loops to the radio / micro wire lead under the left front.
• Easily adjust the shoulder
• An additional belt on the vest so that the equipment can be split between the service belt and the belt on the vest.
• Elastics for placing pens or pins under the covers for name and gradenplatjes
• 2 large Napoleon pockets on the left and right sides of the vest.
The protection value HG2-KR2-SP2, according to the British HOSDB standards, which HG2 stands for ballistic protection against small arms with long barrel in calibers 9x19 mm and .357 Magnum with normal ammunition which trauma impacts to only 25 mm, amounts . This is a realistic value for discrete vests protecting against the most common pistols, revolvers and sub-machine guns for criminals. HG2 A vest is a little stiffer than a HG1A and can be worn under clothing.
The value KR2 is a cut and puncture resistant protection with an energy value of E1 = 33 joules a penetration depth of 7 mm is allowed and with a enegie of E2 = 50 joules of a penetration depth of 20 mm is allowed. A KR2 value is a better protection against knives than KR1 value.
The SP2 is a stab resistance, spikes or needles. where E1 and E2 with no penetration is allowed. This is an ideal protection for the neighborhoods where attacks with knives and drug addicts regularly occur.
The protective package HG2-KR2-SP2 is the latest stab and bullet proof package and is certified according to the standards HOSDB level HG2-KR2-SP2.
Internal test in the lab also show that this protective package also meets the latest NIJ-3A (06) standards that a ballistic protection against the calibers .357 SIG and .44 Magnum.
X-Small: 30-32
Small: 32-36
Medium: 38-40
Large: 42-44
X-Large: 46-48
XX-Large: 50-52
XXX-Large: 54-56
To purchase a bullet proof vests is no license needed.
Yet bulletproof vests fall under the Arms Act in connection of dual-use products. The government claims that the sale must happen in trust to people over 18 years and that an end-user statement is drafted which satisfy a number of requirements.
PDF file end-user statement persons. a-end-useres-statement-1
The end-user declaration signed and send up the original by post to us along with a copy of your identity cart.
Online sale of a bulletproof vest only goes on only when all formalities are fulfilled! 
The Sirius vest normally intended for police officers. Sirius vest police logos can be purchased without special documents, true for the logos of the police there is an official purchase order required by the relevant police force.